First Solo Trip

Just like any other beginner blogger, I didn’t know what my first blog post will be about. So I figure to write about my first solo trip; since after that trip, that’s when it all (basically) began.

Last year, when some of my friends asked about my solo adventures, a few of them suggested I should start a travel blog. I just never given it a thought, and wasn’t sure about having to write long posts. So, After thinking about it, I decided to start with a new travel Instagram, posting pictures with fun facts about my travels.

But let’s go back to the beginning.

It all started in 2018… Well, sort of. I was 29 years old when I realized I was turning 30 in a few months. So I decided to make a bucket list of 30 things to do before turning 30. And Solo Travel was one of them. However, I did not have enough time to complete the list, but I still wanted to make it a goal.

2019 – HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to me! A few months passed, and one night I saw a post from Escape Houston about a round trip flight to Los Angeles, California for $110 USD. I wanted to take advantage and book it. But it was already late, (probably like 2 in the morning) and I figured to wait and ask my friends later that day if they wanted to go with me. Then, I just thought “You know what? THIS is my time to take that solo trip.” So, I didn’t say anything to anyone until I was sure I was going to make this trip a reality!

I started doing research about solo traveling. And from there, I landed on lots of solo female travel blogs — now, let me just say that most blogs I found at first, were about solo travels to other countries. But I was just going to do a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco and enjoy the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway scenery. (I will be making another post about that trip!) Back to the planning stage. I had a list of things I wanted to do and see. But I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be as cheap as I thought it would be. Rental cars in California is pretty high compared to Texas, and not to mention gas. So, I go back to reading more blogs about taking a road trip as a solo traveler on a budget . That is when I read about hostels. Now, I knew what a hostel was, but I just didn’t know — or at least never thought — about hostels in the United States. Then, after some more research, I began to look for the right hostel to stay at. I learned about shared, private and female only rooms, and all the cool things some of the hostels offer. So I was intrigued. That’s when, I said “yolo”, and booked two different hostels. I was soooo excited!

Five months and lots of research later, it was time to pack my carry-on luggage and embark on my first solo trip ever. I absolutely LOVED it. I had some friends that did not believe I was traveling alone. They thought someone else was joining me or I was meeting someone out there in California. It was funny! But after I came back, I just couldn’t wait to share my week-long adventure with friends and family. And if you are wondering if everything went smooth, it did not. But like I said earlier, I will share that on another post.

That is the story how all this began. Hope I have (sort of) inspired you to give it a shot and take that solo trip you have been thinking about. And if you are hesitant, don’t be!! Trust me, it is SO worth it! I am on my third solo trip, and I cannot wait to add more to my list!

Have you taken a solo trip before? Let me know in the comments. And thank you so much for reading my first post! I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed writing about it.



  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for sharing! Solo travel is definitely something I want to work up the courage to do, because I run into the same problems of trying to plan things around who can go with me, and it’s hard to make things happen. One day I want to just take the plunge and book something! Your story is good inspiration 🙂

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    1. I’m lucky to have a lot of friends that love to travel. But I felt like it was something I needed to do, at least one time. That opportunity came up and I decided to go for it. So ever since then, I plan a solo trip at least once a year.

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  2. Ilsa says:

    Love it ! I was 26 years old when I first went solo. I was working in Paris my first time to ever leave the country but I left with my best friend. After 8 months my assignment was done and my friend came back to Houston while I traveled solo to Rome, Italy. I stayed 4 months and in true fashion I stayed with a group of nuns that rented me a room for $40 usd a month. It was the beginning of a very beautiful life and story. Great job on the blog Reyna wishing you success and more travel.

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    1. Wow! $40 a month?! That’s so cool!!! I never knew that story Ilsa! Thanks for sharing and for the support! 🙂

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  3. Kelly says:

    Love this!!! I went on a solo trip to Nashville once, and had a blast!

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    1. OMG! I can only imagine how fun that was! I love Nashville! You are going to have to tell me more about it.

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  4. sgperez0908 says:

    Your blog is so fun! I love the stories and tip you share!

    Xoxo SincerelySGP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading!!! That was my goal! To be able to share tips with my personal experiences!!! Happy traveling! 🙂

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